About Island Touch Dance Academy

Founded in 2008, Island Touch Dance Academy is one of the hottest dance companies in the world, providing the highest level in dance entertainment with solo, couple and group performances in Bachata and Salsa. We provide Bachata and Salsa choreographies for music videos & concerts, DJ services for large dance events, and contract dance instructors who teach workshops and provide event entertainment.

Our Creative Directors, Ataca and La Alemana, can create a choreography for your studios' dance teams, at either the student, semi-pro or pro dance level -- in Salsa, Bachata, and even our very own style of hip-hop & reggaeton fusion called "CrunkChata."

Are you a principal artist that has dancers on tour? We also provide choreography for your touring dancers! Island Touch provides contracted instructors and dancers that can cater to any event, whether a corporate party, wedding, Bar Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen. Our instructors and dancers teach and perform Salsa and Bachata all over the world as couples or large dance troupes.

Meet the Team

Rudi "El Tiguere del Mambo" Lopez

Managing Director

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Rudi Lopez, AKA "El Tiguere Del Mambo," is a world-renowned Bachata Artist, DJ, instructor, dancer, MC, and event organizer from the state of New York. He was born to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother and has cultural projects in the Domincian Republic.

With dance training directly from Ataca & La Alemana, accompanied with his energetic and charismatic personality, El Tiguere's classes are filled with lots of insight, laughs, and sensuality. El Tiguere performs to traditional Bachata choreographed by Ataca & La Alemana, emphasizing sensuality, intricate footwork, and Island Touch-style partnerwork.

Jorge "ATACA Jorgie" Burgos

Creative Director

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Jorge "ATACA Jorgie" Burgos is world-renowned for his pioneering work in the Bachata dance community. He, along with his dance partner, La Alemana, has the highest number of views on YouTube of any Latin dance artist with over 100,000,000 hits. Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, Ataca comes from a family with a rich history of music appreciation. His talent of having an ear for melody & rhythm shows in the musicality of his choreographies. Along with La Alemana, Ataca choreographs every routine performed by the Island Touch Pro team and global Island Touch Dance teams. Around the world, their shows are loved for their connection to music, sensual chemistry, detailed footwork, and innovative partnerwork.

As an instructor, Ataca is known for his depth of technical knowledge and clarity of instruction. His classes are always fun and filled with sexy dance moves that are both practical and social dance-ready. In addition to dance, Ataca has starred as the male lead in the Salsa movie, "SHINE."

Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger

Director of Philanthropy

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Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger is world-renowned for her pioneering work in the Bachata dance community. Along with her dance partner, Ataca, she has the highest number of views on YouTube of any Latin dance artist with over 100,000,000 hits. La Alemana was born in Germany and moved to the United States at the age of 8.

She has loved to dance all of her life, with training in ballroom, jazz, ballet, and rock-n-roll/swing dancing, as well as many of the Latin style dances. A fierce presence on stage, La Alemana is known for her sex appeal, ladies' styling, and vibrant personality as a performer and instructor. In addition to dance, La Alemana's altruism drives her involvement in various charities, and she is the force behind Island Touch commitment to women's and children's issues.

Bianca Derival

Touch Team and Touch Events Director

Bianca Derival, born and raised in New York started her dance career at a very early age. Inspired by icons such as Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Aaliyah, she began her exploration in the world of Hip-Hop dance and carried that on through college, becoming a dedicated member of "Fenomena" Hip Hop Dance Company.

After graduating college, she discovered Island Touch Dance Academy. Instantly intrigued by their passion and love for dance, Bianca sought out lessons and insight into this prestigious organization, and their passion for dance and music. After attending their Summer Auditions, Bianca was invited to join New York Touch, later joining Ladies Touch. As a member of Team Touch, Bianca travels, performs and assists workshops alongside the most credible names in the Latin Dance Community, contributing her unique sensual style, technique and musicality to the art. She seeks to inspire dancers to grow and become the dancers they envision.